Don't Let Scrap Metal Take Up Space on Your Property

Plan your scrap metal removal service today

Do you have piles of scrap metal hanging around your property? Are you finally ready to get rid of that old metal desk? Turn to Cooter's Custom The Junk Man for support. We'll remove your unwanted items and dispose of them for you. Once we're finished, you'll have a clear property and peace of mind.

Receive your estimate today. Call now to learn more about our scrap metal removal service.

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Declutter your property with help from an expert

Don't let unwanted iron or metal items take up space on your property. Contact us to remove:

  • Old farm equipment
  • Broken comfort systems
  • Metal furniture and cabinets
  • Unused tractors and wagons

You'll feel better once you have your home, office or warehouse cleaned out.

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